Polo Forest Trekking Camp with Full Adventure

Trekking at Polo Forest

Polo Forest is the best place for Trekking Camp. It will give you full of adventure in nature’s arms. There are many activities to do. We give you detailed information regarding Trekking camp in Polo Forest.

Brief about Trekking Camp at Polo Forest

Trekking camp has many activities to do. It depends on seasons like Monsoon, winter, and summer. Below is the full descriptive information regarding all adventurous activities to do in different seasons.

Monsoon Trekking Camp

Monsoon trekking camp is the best idea because in monsoon jungle become heaven. Many plants grow up in this season. Greenery of Polo Forest makes you speechless. In monsoon, you have to extra careful as you are going into the jungle.  If you are in mid of the jungle and suddenly rain starts then you have to move upward because in middle of jungle there is a river so you have to extra careful. But don’t scare you can hire one guide so he will give full information about jungle and make you safe.

Winter Trekking Camp

Winter is the best season for trekking as there is no danger of water. In winter coldness of jungle will make you excited for a thrill. In winter especially there is no extra wetness so you can explore jungle in dry and clean space. In winter carry clothes suited in winter.

Summer Trekking Camp

In summer, Jungle becomes dry. Dryness has its own adventure. In summer you can get extra daylight so you can explore more in short time. In this season you can try night safari also. Night camp is best for this season.

Price of Package for Trekking Camp at Polo Forest

From Ahmedabad, 2 Days/ 1 Night package will cost around 1000 rupees per person. It is best to deal to explore nature.

Cycling at Polo Forest

Common Activities to do in Trekking Camp

Below mentioned is Activities that can be done in Trekking Camp.

  • River Walking
  • Trekking
  • Camping
  • Bird watching with Special Guide
  • Temple Visits
  • Dam Site Watching
  • Dam Site.
  • Echo Point & Selfie Point.
  • Bhim Mountain Trekking.
  • Botanical Garden
  • Beautiful hills Visit
  • Games

What comes with Package?

Below are the things which come with the package.

  • Traveling from Ahmedabad to Ahmedabad by Bus
  • The food at Campsite Only
  • Accommodation in Tents
  • Volunteers & Instructors
  • First Aid Support

Places to Visit

Main places to visit in Polo Forest during camp.

  • Harnav Dam
  • Sharneshwar Temple
  • Vireshwar Temple
  • Rock Garden
  • Idariyo Gadh
  • Rani Lake
  • Forest

Things to be carried in Camp

In the jungle, you have to carry something to get the best trekking experience.

  • Original Identity Proof
  • Personal Clothing
  • Blanket and Bed-sheet
  • Sports Shoes & Socks
  • Seasonal Clothing (Warm Clothing or Raincoat)
  • Cap & Goggles
  • Water Bottle, Spoon & Mug/Glass
  • Power Bank, Torch, Camera & Chargers
  • Personal Medication

Contact For book Trekking Camp at Polo Forest.

If you want to arrange the best one day picnic or more days stay at Polo Forest than call us at +91 – 9408588858.

About Polo Forest

Polo Forest, well-known jungle located near village Abhapur, Vijaynagar, Gujarat (North Gujarat). It is a dry mixed deciduous forest. It is placed at the foothills of Aravalli Range. Forest has river “Harnav” which is passing between the Jungles and make it green.

Polo” name came from the word “Pol” a Marwari word. The meaning behind the word “Pol” is one type of Marwari gate.

In Polo Forest, there are many monuments and Ruins are still available. Old monuments were builds in the 15th century. Hindu and Jain’s temple is still present there. Also, Sharneswar Shiva Temple, Sadevant Savlinga na Dera, Surya Mandir, and Lakheda na Dera are present in Polo Forest.

In this jungle, there are more than 450 species of Medicinal plants, more than 275 different types of birds, 30 plus mammals and more than 32 types of reptiles. With Nature, there is also wildlife is living, like bears, leopards, hyenas, waterfowl, raptors, passerines, and flying squirrels.